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Our farmhouse nano-brewery tour

Our farmhouse nano-brewery is operational now. We’ve just put in our papers for the license after days of preparing the documents etc.. So you’ll soon see a new address and new license on our bottles. Don’t worry, it’s still us!

We took some pictures the other day and thought we’d share it with you so you can have a peek at our workshop. This is a typical bottling day at Forage Realfood. BTW we bottle twice every week. That way, we are working with small batches which ensures more consistency in maturity every time you open a bottle.

When we are properly settled in, we are thinking of organising some kombucha tasting sessions in the lawn. Some music to go with it will be nice! We’ll let you know.

Bottling day is always a hectic day. And a camera-phone-man hovering around doesn’t help!

We use glass jars as well as some retro ceramic water filter vessels for infusing botanicals.
Our trusty capper at work.
Our cute small glass bottles and some upcycled beer bottles used for carbonation.
Our ‘power-brush’ at work.
It is interesting what skillsets it takes to run an enterprise. I built this rig from scratch some months back when we first started bottling. And we can’t do without it!
Dilu & Lummichon. It’s ready to bottle if they say it’s ready to bottle. I used to personally taste every batch with them when they started out. Now they have got a hang of it. The thing with kombucha is , you can’t measure its doneness with a pH meter or a hydrometer. You have to taste it. Also they are a bit shy. Like me.

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