Sourdough bread

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The original traditional form of bread. Made with just wheat flour, natural salt, water, and wild yeast.  Baked in small batches on pre-order. Read description below for details.

 ALL NATURAL:  Whole-wheat flour, refined flour, water, pink salt, sourdough culture.  ALL DELIGHTFUL! 


Delivered every Saturday
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Sourdough bread is the original traditional form of bread. It is fermented and leavened using a culture of wild yeast.  It breaks down the dough into readily digestible nutrients and imparts it a delicious characteristic taste with a hint of sourness.

Our Sourdough loaves are baked in small batches and delivered only on Saturdays. Orders received before Thursday noon will be delivered on the next Saturday. If ordered later, it may be delivered the next week. Please note that other items in your order will be delivered together with the bread. Order separately if you want the other items sooner.

Why sourdough?

  • No sugar at all!
  • Good source of iron and selenium
  • Easier to digest due to pre-biotic content.
  • All grains has an antinutrient called phytic acid. It binds to minerals and limits our body’s ability to absorb them. Fermentation by lactic acid bacteria in sourdough breaks down the phytic acid significantly making the other minerals available to us.

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Whole-wheat flour, refined flour, water, pink salt, sourdough culture.

3 reviews for Sourdough bread

  1. Sweetie

    Love everything about sourdough bread! Thank you Forage for this wholesomeness.

  2. Bettina wakrambam

    Simply toasted or make a sandwich …forage’s sourdough bread is the best in the town…i cant stop eating!!! Thank you .😇😇😇

  3. Doreen Pheiroijam (verified owner)

    Tried it for the first time and LOVED IT!!! Looking forward to my next order. Thank you, Forage! ❤️

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