Forager’s Kombucha Club – subscription plan

Starts at Rs 660

  • Customise your plan: choose your flavours and delivery frequency.
  • Subscription starts at Rs 660 per month.
    At Rs 110 per bottle (650mL) it is around 40% cheaper than retail bottles!
  • Extended subscription discount of 5% on 2 months and 10% on 3 months.
  • Free home delivery.




More kombucha for less money, with less waste, and delivered regularly to your doorstep. Sounds like a good idea? Then welcome to Forager’s Kombucha Club. FKC is our new Kombucha subscription service where you select your choice of flavours and we deliver it in big bottles once every week. And it will cost you around 40% cheaper than our retail bottles. This is possible because here we are using reused beer bottles which is much cheaper, less package labels, and the subscription model is of great help to us in managing our brewing and distribution schedule efficiently. Looks like a win-win doesn’t it!

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Additional information:

  • Delivered every Saturday or every alternate Saturday
  • Submission Received before Thursday noon will start delivering the next Saturday. Otherwise, it will be next week.
  • Minimum order of 3 bottles per delivery required. Billed every 1/2/3 months and paid in advance.
  • Delivery to any location within 7kms radius from Thangmeiband
  • If delivery is not possible on the designated day due to unforeseen circumstances, it will be reattempted on the next working day.
  • The subscriber may change flavour preference, or order quantity anytime during subscription. We offer seasonal ‘special flavours’ occasionally. If we discontinue a special flavour mid-term, it can be swapped with another available flavour.
  • Subscription is billed every 1/2/3 months and paid online in advance (via UPI, PayTM, Gpay, Bank transfer) or in cash on the first delivery.
  • We reserve the right to refuse subscription to a candidate.
  • Subscription cannot be cancelled mid-term.
  • We may cancel a subscription mid-term if we are unable to service the location or for other factors beyond our control. In such cases, unfulfilled part of the order shall be refunded in full to the subscriber.
  • Bigger bottles mean more pressure buildup as fermentation continues in the sealed bottle. They are to be stored REFRIGERATED AT ALL TIMES, in which case it keeps good for a month. If left at room temperature for days, the glass bottle may burst from the pressure. It is the subscriber’s responsibility to avoid this.
  • To reduce cost and waste, the subscription bottles don’t carry a full label. Please visit product pages on our site for more information on each flavours.
Kombucha is available for Hyperlocal delivery in Imphal City only


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